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  • What is customer loyalty?
    Customer Loyalty is a method of driving customer retention by converting new customers into returning customers. Loyal Customers are incentivized to return to your business via the accumulation of Loyalty Points which they can redeem for rewards.
  • What does a loyal customer look like?
    A loyal customer will think of your business as the go-to spot for their specific needs. They’re rewarded for the time they’ve invested in your business, and they feel comfortable with your customer service and product selection and quality.
  • What information does your loyalty program collect?
    Loyalty Plus collects consumer contact information and provides detailed analytics on email and text campaigns, the number of signups, and the amount of points earned and redeemed.
  • Can the platform integrate with POS systems?
    Loyalty Plus is in the process of integrating with major POS systems; however, POS integration is not necessary to utilize the full value of our Loyalty services.
  • Do customers get a physical loyalty card?
    Loyalty Plus is entirely digital. Customers will never have to worry about losing their loyalty card, or forgetting to bring it to your business. Instead of a physical loyalty card, a customer simply enters their phone number or email address into our Loyalty Plus custom-branded kiosk.
  • Do I have to sign a contract? How often do I get billed?
    We offer customized payment plans to fit your businesses specific needs. Use our contact form to get in touch with us and we’ll figure out a plan that works best for you!
  • What kind of marketing campaigns can I send my customers?
    Through Loyalty Plus, you can send your customers marketing campaigns over email and SMS texting.
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