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Email + SMS Marketing

The average person checks their phone 150 times per day and opens text messages within 3 minutes of receiving them. With Loyalty Plus, you’re on the front lines, communicating with your customers through their hand-held marketing tool.


Texting your customized lists is essential to ensure customers get relevant deals and clear directives.

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Customer Loyalty and Rewards Program

With our customer loyalty and rewards programs, you can begin to develop a partnership with your customers. By offering rewards, incentives, and loyalty points, you promote a mutually beneficial relationship in which customers feel connected and familiar with your brand.


This relationship and purchase gamification incentivizes them to buy more and establishes a true partnership between your business and your customers.

Website Integration

Integrating a loyalty platform into your website provides an entirely new medium to collect consumer information. Now, if people are browsing your website and are interested in your products, they can sign up for the loyalty platform right then!


An onsite widget puts loyalty sign-up just a click away, enticing customers to join your rewards program.

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In-Store Kiosks

Customized kiosk designs provide a unique merging of in-store marketing and loyalty rewards. The presence of a branded kiosk allows for a stress-free, easy way for your customers to sign up for your loyalty program.


Whether it’s their first visit or their 100th, branded kiosks are an attractive way to get customers engaged.

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